1. Soccer is a TEAM game. TEAM chemistry is crucial for success.
  2. Playing for your school is a privilege and an honor. Every time you step on the field, you represent Littlestown.
  3. Soccer is about more than winning. Developing and showing skills in cooperation, leadership, and communication is key.
  4. A good soccer player tries his/her best. Being the best means practicing your hardest, demonstrating sportsmanship, and being willing to learn and improve.
  5. Practices and games are NOT the prime opportunity for players to get fit. Players must be willing to gain conditioning on their own outside of the regular season.
  6. Coaches are teachers and players should feel comfortable approaching coaches to discuss practice and game strategies, tactics, and philosophies.
  7. ALL players are expected to be attentive to what coaches are saying. Coaches will say something once, and players are expected to respond accordingly.
  8. The 3 athletic H’s are paramount: HEART, HEAD, and HUSTLE.
  9. When taken seriously, playing for your school soccer team is one of the most fun and educational experiences a person can have. Make the most of it by putting in maximum effort while also keeping in mind that academics come first.