Team Rules

Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees. No back talk will be tolerated. Criticizing teammates or opponents will not be tolerated.

Team success is more important than individual success. You will play like a member of the team or you will not play. Refusing to comply with coach instructions is not acceptable. If you have an issue with the style of play, discuss it with the head coach.

Tardiness is not acceptable. If you are not early, you are late. Practice start time indicates when we begin practice, not when you begin putting on your equipment. One-day advance notice for any tardiness to practice is expected. Expect game time to decrease when late for practice.

Unexcused Absences are not acceptable. Expect game time to decrease when missing practices. One-day advance notice for any missed practices or games is expected. Three unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the team.

Profanity will not be tolerated.

Socializing with friends or family during practices and games is inappropriate. This includes the use of cell phones. If you need to speak with family or friends during practice or games, discuss it with the head coach.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior is unacceptable at any time. Expect to be removed from both practices and games.

Alcohol, Tobacco (Including Vape Pens), and Drug use will not be tolerated. See school policies.  Violation could result in removal from team.

Cleanliness is expected on the bus and on fields. No trash should ever be left behind. Team captain(s) are responsible for double-checking for cleanliness.

Uniforms & Equipment* are the responsibility of every player. Both uniforms must be brought to every game. Shin guards, cleats, and gym clothes are to be worn at every practice.

*Shin guards must be age and size appropriate. Shin guards must have NOCSAE seal and height range permanently stamped on the front of at least one of the shin guards. If wearing exposed compression shorts or shirt under your uniform, they must be white. That will ensure that every player on the team is wearing the same color, which is a PIAA requirement.

CONSEQUENCES for rule violations and failing to meet expectations include removal from the team or reduced playing time. Some violations will result in whole-team consequences.